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The procurement of raw material is carried out in South, Central and East regions of Ukraine. Flexible working conditions focused on a long-term cooperation allowed to form a wide net of procurement centers.

The facility of Sodruzhestvo is situated in the south of Ukraine in Tsiurupynsk ( Kherson region). Productive capacity of the facility is 400 tons of end products per month or 20 tons per workday. The storage capacity allows storing 1200 tons of raw material and end products simultaneously. The end product is packaged into metallic drums with a capacity of 290 kg. Drums are new with special internal covering.


There are 2 tanks for homogenization. Volume of each tank is 20 tons thus it’s the volume for one lot of the end product.


Particular attention is paid to compliance of end product’s quality with the requirements of EU and CIS. For this purpose there is an accredited laboratory with modern equipment for carrying out all needed physic-chemical analyzes and analyzes for detection the residual amounts of antibiotics and antibacterial substances (using methods ELISA and RIA).




The production cycle includes the following:

  • Incoming control of raw material according to physic-chemical and safety indicators:
  • Warming up of raw material to fluidity state, warming up temperature is under control – not higher than 38 degrees:
  • Homogenization, filtration and prepackage of end product:
  • Outcoming quality control of the end product by own laboratory:
  • Outcoming quality control of the end product in independent laboratory Intertek Food Services, Bremen, Germany
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