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Umoks GmbH offers 100% natural homogenized polifloral bee honey with the predominance of sunflower.

Color: extra light amber (35-50 mm)

Diastase number : not less than 12 units

HMF : not more than 10 mg/kg

Humidity : not more than 18 %

F/G-Ratio: min.1-1,10

The honey is free of forbidden sustances according the EU and USA quality regulations.

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The bee honey offered by Umoks GmbH runs a triple-check:

1. By purchasing from beekeepers

2. After the homogenization in the facility

3. In the independent laboratory (Intertek Food Services, QSI or Eurofins)

The independent laboratory in Germany tests for the following antibiotic residues:


-Nitrofurane Metabolites



-Sulfanamides and Trimethoprim



The independent laboratory tests additionaly for the absence of GMO in honey, which is sold on the European market.